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Quality, Economic Precast Concrete Utility Vaults and Manholes

manhole-tanWe produce utility vaults in—Standard, Custom, and Special. Each is manufactured to comply with the same structural and material specifications to assure uniform quality. All manholes are designed H-20 rated with 5,000 PSI concrete. Custom loading available. Many accessory options are available.

Adaptable to many situations:

  • Fixed construction details—2 piece construction with slab and adjacent wall section monolithic
  • Knockout panels
    • Standard sizes and locations in each wall top and bottom accommodate various duct bank sizes and elevations
    • Are 3” thick concrete with no rebar for fast, easy tie-in with duct banks
    • Knockouts must be confined to areas provided
  • Inserts
    • 1/2” diameter bolting inserts located in all inside wall areas
    • 20” on center vertically, 24” on center horizontal

Standard Applications

We have worked with all of the major local utility providers and have plans for standard electrical vaults.

  • Dominion
  • Verzion
  • BG&E

Save time and money with a precast manhole by Smith-Midland.

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