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J-J Hooks tested to MASH Standards

In early June, an enhanced J-J Hooks barrier design was tested to MASH Test Level 3 requirements by the Texas Transportation Institute in College Station, TX. The MASH test, which supersedes NCHRP 350, uses a heavier crew cab pickup with a higher bumper. TTI performed two different anchored crash tests – bolted down (bridge decks) and pinned down (roadways).

The enhanced J-J Hooks design incorporates a longer J-Hook (18”) which mates seamlessly with the existing J-J Hooks barrier, minimum additional reinforcement (to withstand the higher impact forces transferred to the barrier when it is secured), six pockets and patented deflection limiters to reduce lateral deflection.

The successful completion of these two tests, with deflections that were less than any other tested barrier, allows J-J Hooks producers to offer highway authorities J-J Hook barrier designs for free-standing, pinned, or bolted installations.

Smith Midland JJHooks MASH test2