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What is SlenderWall Architectural Cladding?

SlenderWall is a hi-performance, thermal and fire code compliant, architectural panel system that combines proven technologies into a single efficient solution for new construction, re-cladding or over-cladding.

Part of what makes Slenderwall the benchmark against which other precast panels measure themselves are the technological benefits inherent in the system. SlenderWall’s extensive pedigree of engineered perfection makes it the top contender for precast architectural cladding on your project.

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SlenderWall’s precast concrete cladding systems provide the lasting value that architects, general contractors and property owners/developers demand. Our exterior cladding system benefits are widespread and it starts with durable and cost-efficient features. Precast concrete wall panels by SlenderWall are produced throughout North America and have been designed and installed for mixed use, multi-family, schools, office buildings, hotels and many other commercial, municipal and residential structures.

The value of SlenderWall shows itself throughout the design, delivery, installation and settling processes. Our precast concrete cladding systems are economical from the start with a focus on cost and quality efficiency -- a major advantage with any precast concrete product. With over 3,000,000 square feet of exterior cladding systems installed, SlenderWall concrete panels are over 66% lighter in weight compared to traditional architectural precast concrete. This results in expedited delivery and lower costs allows for smaller cranes to lift the panels into place.

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Quality control is at its highest possible level during the manufacturing process. Because all concrete wall panels are produced in climate-controlled factories as outdoor temperatures, snow, rain or heat do not alter the curing process.

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To learn more read "A Case for SlenderWall" - six case studies covering a wide-range of market applications.

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Earn AIA and GBCI credits, by taking the Architectural Record SlenderWall CEU course.


A Complete System, Inside and Out

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Thin profile Architectural Precast Concrete Panel


Integral Galvanized Steel Stud Frame, Ready for Drywall


Variable Depth Stainless Steel Connection System


PVA Fiber & Welded-Wire Reinforcement, Engineered to Last


Factory-Installed Continuous Closed-Cell Foam Insulation


Optional: Thermal Windows installed & sealed in controlled conditions


Optional: Exclusive Panel-Landing System Designed for Fast Installation


Optional: In-the-Joint Rainscreen & Leak Detection Sealant System


Optional: Proprietary, Custom, & Standard Class “A” Finishes


A Wide Variety of Precast Concrete Finishes

SlenderWall Smith Midland precast concrete colors

Design flexibility is achieved by choice of aggregate & cement color, size of aggregates, and finishing processes. Precast concrete can mimic a wide variety of man-made & natural finishes while providing long-lasting durability and cost-efficiencies. Bump outs, reveals and detailing are only limited by your imagination, including multiple looks on the same panel. PCI’s Color & Texture Guide lists 24 colors & 500 textures. What's Trending – Formliners and Photo Engraving. Surface textures, patterns, and shapes, can be achieved by casting with formliners. A large pattern plays with light & shadow. A fine texture offers subtle elegance. Dozens of unique patterns are available and innovative custom designs are created by utilizing CAD & CNC. Photo engraved formliners can turn your façade into a canvas. Photos are converted into a file for the CNC-cutter. Possibly an even more compelling attribute is SlenderWall’s thermal qualities, providing support in overall efficiencies of your total building design, allowing you room to experiment.

SlenderWall Smith Midland formliner finish

SlenderWall Smith Midland photo finish


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SlenderWall FP AP1 2019

Value You Can Measure

SlenderWall Architectural Precast/Steel Stud Building Panels provide:

• All the durability and versatility of traditional architectural precast, at 1/3 of the weight
• A complete building panel, inside and out
• Integrated interior stud frame reduces on-site trades and construction schedules
• Less weight reduces perimeter foundation and superstructure costs
• Larger/lighter panels speed erection schedules and reduce freight and crane costs
• Factory-applied closed-cell insulation speeds schedules and increases energy-efficiency
• Outboard-of-floor-edge mounting creates bonus square footage
• Fire Code compliance
• Thermal Code Compliance

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Take a quick look inside SlenderWall

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Tested & Certified

Earthquake, hurricane and tornado level testing establish SlenderWall as the system of choice for severe conditions. All tests were performed by certified independent testing laboratories using nationally recognized standards and methods. Detailed reports are available upon request.

Air Infiltration...................................ASTM E283
Static Pressure Water Resistance......ASTM E331
Dynamic Pressure Water Resistance...AAMA 501.1
Structural Performance.....................ASTM E330
Seismic Movement (Interstory).......AAMA 501.4
Thermal Cycle.................................AAMA 501.5
Thermal Transmittance.....................AAMA 1503
Thermal Performance.....................ASTM C1363
Sound Transmission............................ASTM E90
In-situ Water Test...........................AAMA 503.03
Fire Resistance Rating.......................ASTM E119

Additional Ratings:
Wind Load Test: 226MPH, 130PSF
Florida Hurricane Code: NOA #09101.05
Blast Resistant Design
Fire Rated: NFPA 285

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