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When it comes to architectural precast paneling, SlenderWall sets the bar for state-of-the-industry durability and ease of installation. But what differentiates SlenderWall’s proprietary panels from their competitors?

Who Benefits?

Developer - Save money & time upfront

“SlenderWall was the right solution for us.” Lou Haddah, CEO & President, Armada Hoffler

Owner - A Product That Lasts

“We went to Virginia to study the panel system for a project in another state, and we were impressed by its capabilities. So we decided to use the system again for the Alexander.” Fred Daibes, Owner, Daibes Enterprises

Contractor - Tighter Erection Schedules

“SlenderWall was chosen for 2 main reasons…it is a continuation of a product that we knew worked well and because of the effectiveness of erection. We had potential tenants and needed to turn around the space quickly.” Stan Link, Senior VP Construction, Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT)

Architect - Superior Aesthetics & Versatility

“For this project, SlenderWall was cheaper, better and faster to install than alternative construction methods. After all of the options were evaluated, the obvious choice was SlenderWall.” Mr. Doug Carter, AIA, Davis, Carter, Scott

Engineer - Fully Tested Performance

“Our overall objectives of design flexibility, sound construction, and speed of building erection – all at economical costs – were made possible with the SlenderWall panel system.” Tom LePage, Project Engineer, Barr & Barr

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Appearance & Quality: Architectural precast concrete exterior finish

Cost-Effective: Net cost to project is substantially below panel direct costs

Flexibility: Large panels, cantilever applications, multiple finishes and design features

General Contractors

Reduced Construction Schedules: Large panels shorten the installation schedule

Speed of Erection: Proprietary system increases installation rates by up to 50%

Smaller Construction Cranes: Light weight panels - 30 lbs/sf

Reduced Trades at the Site: Panelization, exterior wall studding integral to panel and architectural precast concrete brick (APCB) (also eliminates lay-down area)

Owners and Developers

Appearance: High quality architectural precast concrete with integral architectural details and multiple finishes

Reduced Construction Costs: Reduced foundation and superstructure requirements, outboard mounting produces “bonus” square footage on every floor, exterior wall framing integral to panel, shorter construction schedules, lighter cranes

Cooling and Heating Costs: Panels have an integral thermal break / air barrier and code compliant continuous insulation

Permanence: Precast concrete finish, seismic isolation, superior caulking technology


Why Use Precast?

Precast concrete has become the architectural cladding material of choice wherever superior aesthetics and construction economy are decisive considerations. Architectural precast combines the benefits of durability, low maintenance, excellent fire resistance and energy efficiency. Manufacturing in certified plants also reduces weather related delays and increases quality control standards.


The true beauty of precast is found in the architectural effects that can be achieved. Custom-made forms are used to create panels in the precise sizes and shapes. These forms introduce reveals, joints, patterns, and other detailing to the panel surface. Specific color effects can be achieved by varying sands, aggregates, and pigments. Textures can be customized through the use of differing levels of sandblast and acid etch treatments. Stone, tile or brick veneers can be cast into the panels, giving architects compelling visual effects.


SlenderWall panels are economical to produce, erect, and maintain. Substantial cost savings can be achieved by taking full advantage of reduced foundation and structural requirements, shortened erection schedules and fewer on-site trades.


Concrete has proven through centuries to be the reliable choice for building construction. Low maintenance and resistant to the effects of time, Mother Nature and Human Nature are the hallmarks of this material.


SlenderWall combines the benefits of high durability, low maintenance, excellent fire resistance and energy efficiency. This creates an ideal solution for high-rise towers, where emphasis in on prestige, luxury, safety and aesthetic appeal, or lower-rise structures, where economy and durability are paramount.

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