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SlenderWall Curtain Wall System

SlenderWall Lightweight Wall Panel System

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The precast concrete cladding system by SlenderWall carries features that benefit the architects that design the pre-engineered building and those who later inhabit it. Reduced costs and requirements for elements within the production, delivery and installation processes saves money for all parties involved. For projects that require 20,000 square feet or more of exterior cladding, SlenderWall is a proven recommendation.

SlenderWall’s precast concrete cladding panels are the industry’s only wall system that incorporates the proven technologies of architectural precast concrete, high-tech PVA fiber reinforcement, thermal coated anchors and heavy gauge galvanized steel or stainless steel studs. This precast concrete cladding design isolates the exterior cladding from the structural stresses associated with wind loading, steel frame movement, expansion and contraction and seismic shock.

Benefits Of Precast Concrete Cladding:

These architectural precast concrete panels reduce installation time and costs by up to 50% due to the proprietary Lift-And-Release panel landing system. Aside from a quicker and more cost-efficient installation process, SlenderWall concrete panels are also designed for permanent use. The exterior cladding panels are maintenance-free and waterproof, which minimizes vapor inflammation. Also, the panels eliminate corrosion by utilizing corrosion-proof and rust-proof materials.

Each panel is manufactured in-house, so this makes for reduced on-site weather costs, delays and on-site construction debris. Moreover, these lightweight precast concrete cladding panels reduce shipping costs by 60% as more panels can be delivered simultaneously. The flexibility of the architectural panels offer engineers and the money it saves contractors during the installation process is a win-win for both sides.


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