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Smith-Midland's hazmat storage buildings serve as the ideal solution for companies looking to safely store hazardous materials. Product manufacturers across the country have utilized our precast hazmat storage builidngs because they conform to EPA specifications, are virtually maintenance-free and are easily transportable. Excess waste from many manufacturing operations is a common problem.  This makes a secure on-site hazmat storage building all the more important.

hazmat storage building with brick facade

A precast concrete hazmat storage building is economically unbeatable compared to rival applications. Each hazmat storage unit is manufactured in controlled environments, which makes for an efficient production process that is free of delays from outdoor weather. Our customized precast concrete buildings arrive on-site as complete structures that are fully-outfitted. Because our hazmat storage buildings require no foundation, this reduces site prep time.

Standard Hazmat Storage Features

Designing innovative features for each of our hazmat storage units is what makes our products versatile, durable and desirable for companies around the world. These secure precast concrete structures are fully customizable. They also meet all EPA and OSHA requirements. Smith Midland's hazmat storage buildings are available in the following sizes:

  • 10’ x 12’
  • 12’ x 16’
  • 12’ x 20’

Each prefab building has a height of 8’ 8”.

  • Standard and custom finishes, styles and colors
  • No foundation required, minimal site preparation
  • Pre-engineered, Pre-assembled, Pre-outfitted
  • Resistant to vandals, fires, bullets, hurricanes, and petrochemical blasts
  • Double-steel entry doors
  • Secondary spill containment
  • Steel or fiberglass grating

Hazmat Storage Building Options

Each precast concrete hazmat building that we design and manufacture feature custom hazmat options including: static grounding systems, climate control, custom explosion-relief panels and increased corrosion resistance through specialized epoxy coatings. Below is a list of additional features that our hazmat buildings include:

  • DOT and NFPA Signs and Placards
  • 1 ½ Hour Fire Resistant Doors (certified)
  • Climate Control (HVAC Options)
  • Fire, Security, and Spill Alarm Systems (Safety Options)
  • Fire Protection Systems with Sprinkler and/or Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems
  • Ventilation Systems with Fusible Link Dampers
  • Hazmat storage building interior
  • detail of grated floor in hazmat buiding
  • Hazmat building inteiror
  • Hazmat building details

Precast concrete hazmat storage buildings are the perfect solution for excess chemical waste. Easi-Set Precast Buildings by Smith-Midland provide a lasting and economical opportunity. Call us at (540) 439-3266 to learn more about our precast hazmat buildings.