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Easi-Span buildings by Smith-Midland are ideally suited for use as pumphouses, pump stations, and wellhouses. Our buildings can be customized with waterproof roof hatches for future maintenance or repair of pumps and wells. Custom openings can be manufactured into the building to accommodate pipes, large water tanks, or wires. These buildings are weather-tight and can be manufactured on piers for flood prone areas.

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Our buildings are secure and durable, this makes them ideal for remote and unattended locations. These versatile buildings are site-assembled and can be assembled around existing equipment. Below you will find a sample list of different options for outfitting your pump station or well house. Call 540.439.3266 to speak with a representative today. You can also request a quote here.

Opening Options

  • Customized Duct, Pipe or Wire Openings
  • 2-inch to 6-inch Sleeved Openings
  • Large Hydro Tank Openings
  • Selective Roof Openings
  • Custom Knockouts
  • Wave Guide Entries

Grounding Options

  • Halo Grounding Systems
  • Cast in Ground Plates
  • Service Equipment to Skid

Equipment Options

  • Cable Racks and Trays
  • Equipment Supports
  • Receptacles / Equipment Power Feeds
  • Pumps and Valves

General Options

  • Skid-Proof Concrete Ramps
  • Electrical Outlets and Panels
  • Extended Warranties Available