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Precast Concrete Products: Versatile, Lasting & Economical

Smith Midland featured products slenderwall

Featured Product: SlenderWall Architectural Panels

The precast concrete medium is known for its versatility and dependability, but what does it physically consist of? How does it differ from concrete that is poured on location? Precast concrete is found across the globe and it begins with one of the world's most essential ingredients -- water. Precast concrete is a combination of cement, sand, gravel and other aggregates, bound together using water. When formed, it creates one of the strongest and most widely manufactured construction materials on earth.

Smith Midland featured products j j hooks

Featured Product: J-J Hooks Highway Safety Barrier

Precast concrete also improves quality control for the producer and the customer. A major reason for this is it is manufactured at floor level in a production plant. The controlled environment allows for production to take place at any time no matter what the weather is outdoors. That’s what gives precast concrete products the edge over structures that are poured on location -- there’s zero chance of outdoor elements interfering with this time-sensitive production process. Temperature, humidity and craftsmanship are always under control.

Smith Midland featured products easi set buildings

Featured Product: Easi-Set and Easi-Span Buildings

Economically, precast concrete is a major money saver compared to wood, metal and fiberglass. Its durability is well-documented, but the costs of transportation and installation are also a big part of its economical benefit. No unorthodox rigging is involved for installation and the final plans are always in place before the first shovel hits the dirt. Limited site disruption helps the customer get what they need fast and minimizes community disturbance.

A full list of Smith-Midland’s precast concrete brands are listed below. Everything from precast concrete buildings to precast concrete barriers are available. Smith-Midland is available at (540) 439-3266.

Smith Midland featured products softsound wall

Featured Product: SoftSound Absorptive Noise Wall