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Precast concrete dugouts by Smith-Midland are the perfect addition to your ball fields. Instantly transform your park with high quality, durable structures that are built to last. Our dugouts can be customized with a variety of exterior finishes and colors. Beautify your park with a new precast dugout today!

Fast Delivery & Installation

  • Installed & ready to use in as little as a few hours
  • Instantly transforms the look of your facility

Easy to Order

  • Pre-engineered & Pre-assembled
  • Minimal site disruption & preparation; No foundation required
  • Manufacturers located throughout the United States & Canada

Less Expensive Than Stick Built

  • Costs much less than comparable built-in-place construction
  • Lower overall lifetime maintenance costs
  • Precast Ballfield Dugouts


Built to Last


  • Fires: 1.5 hour fire rated
  • Earthquakes: Rated Seismic Design Category ‘C’ (heavier available)
  • Can Withstand Hurricanes: Rated to 130 mph wind loads (150 mph available)
  • Maintenance Free: won't rust, warp, corrode, rot or burn; retains finish