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Announcing the first permitted installation of Beach Prisms in Virginia.

The evening of September 1st, 2006 was one that left an indelible impression on the minds of Bob and Chris White. That day Hurricane Ernesto roared up the Chesapeake and nearly cut their bay front property located at 270 Ingram Bay in Heathsville, Virginia in half. "I can't believe how powerful the water was," said Mr. White, "Our home office was knocked off its foundation, the pool was full of mud and debris, and the water had risen over our tennis court and was threatening the house." Subsequent storms have continued to wreak havoc and do additional damage.

The Whites have tried several solutions to solve their problems: bulkheads; stone revetments and five wooden groins. None of these options did much to quell the ongoing erosion. Over four years ago The Whites came across a promising solution after many hours of searching the internet; Beach Prisms. Mr. White was drawn to the shape of its parabolic curve, a structure he was familiar with from his years of working with blast technology and hydrodynamics. He knew the design would have a good chance of deflecting the destructive forces of wave action.

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Beach Prisms, designed specifically to save your waterfront property

Everyone loves the beach. Unfortunately, in many coastal communities, beach erosion remains a constant concern, especially for home and business owners. Year after year, storms and a range of other erosive factors slowly undermine the ground stability in beach communities. Over time, erosion can lead to financially devastating consequences for property owners who reside in these areas. Manmade solutions that are safe for the environment are needed to help capture sand and slit to help restore these shorelines—solutions such as the ones that are provided by Smith-Midland.

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Beach Prisms Reduce Erosion for Annapolis, Maryland Property Owners

MIDLAND, Va. – Two property owners in Annapolis have chosen Smith-Midland Corporation’s award-winning product, Beach Prisms, to protect their valuable shorelines from ongoing erosion.

Corky Graham and Silvester Fabula who own property adjacent to Thomas Point Park and Thomas Point Lighthouse were plagued by shoreline erosion accelerated by a significant fetch from the south.  After visiting the Smith-Midland information booth at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Graham and Fabula contracted with Smith-Midland to install 14 Beach Prisms on their property.  Beach Prisms either slow the rate of erosion, stop erosion or reverse erosion by replenishing sand in front of and behind the Prisms.  The estimated value of the project is $20,000 and should take three months to complete upon receipt of the permit.

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Two Shoreline Erosion Control Projects to Feature Smith-Midland's Beach Prisms

MIDLAND, Va. – Two shoreline erosion control projects currently underway in Maryland and Virginia will feature Smith-Midland Corporation’s award-winning product, Beach Prisms.

The first project, located near Ocean City, Md., will provide a mainland community protection in two erosion-prone areas from the damaging effects of boaters who do not adhere to posted speed limits. Such practices can accelerate shoreline erosion, according to Jay McKenna, Beach Prisms regional sales manager for Smith-Midland. This project, which includes 40 prisms, will result in the formation of an artificial reef, which will immediately provide a sanctuary for small marine life, will slow or stop erosion and will contribute to the overall improvement of water quality.  Funding for this project is being provided by the Assateague Coastal Trust, and the progress of the installation will be featured on the organization’s web site at

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Smith-Midland Receives Prestigious Award for Beach Prisms

MIDLAND, Va. – Officials at Smith-Midland Corporation recently received a prestigious award for a new product designed to reduce or reverse the effects of shoreline erosion.

The company’s submission, for its Beach Prisms , garnered a judges’ award in the National Precast Concrete Association’s Creative Use of Precast (CUP) awards program.

The CUP awards program is an annual competition for NPCA Members, recognizing projects promoting innovative and cost-saving advantages of precast concrete over competing materials. This year’s winners were announced at the Salute to Excellence Awards Dinner during the Manufactured Concrete Products Expo, MCPX, and Annual Convention on Feb. 24 in Orlando, Fla.
“Our experience has proven that Beach Prisms either slow the rate of shore erosion, stop erosion or reverse erosion by replenishing sand in front of and behind the Prisms,” says Ashley Smith, Smith-Midland’s vice president for sales and marketing.

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7,465 Tons of Sand Replenished According to Engineering Study

Are Beach Prisms the Answer to Reducing Shoreline Erosion?

MIDLAND, Va. – “Beach Prisms can be the answer to the age-old challenge of shoreline erosion,” says Ashley Smith, vice president for sales and marketing at Smith-Midland Corporation of Midland, Va.

After 18 years of product testing at more than 20 sites on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers, Smith-Midland is now offering Beach Prisms for sale and installation.

“Our experience has proven that Beach Prisms either slow the rate of shore erosion, stop erosion or reverse erosion by replenishing sand in front of and behind the Prisms,” said Smith.

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