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Precast concrete buildings by Smith-Midland are extremely versatile, and can be used for virtually any application. Common uses for Precast Buildings include: dumpster enclosures, vending machine shelters, guardhouses, press boxes, picnic shelters, and dugouts. Precast Buildings can be customized in numerous ways, including: size, roof style, color, finish, knockouts, and outfitting. Precast buildings are shipped pre-built and installed in a matter of hours.

  • custom concrete shelter
  • Custom Precast Concrete Building
  • Custom Precast Concession Stand
  • Precast Press Box
  • Recreation Facility With Custom Precast Building
  • Custom Precast Dugout
  • Precast Building Ready For Delivery
  • Precast Concrete School Building
  • Custom Building
  • Precast Building Being Assembled
  • Custom Press Box
  • Custom Precast Building At A Ball Field

The ability to completely customize these buildings allows you to get exactly what you need. Precast buildings have been used for a variety of special projects including a military facility created to simulation of an Iraqi village for military training exercises. Precast buildings can be placed on piers to protect equipment in flood prone areas. Your building can be customized to exactly your specfications. Request a qutoe for a custom precast building by Smith-Midland or call 540.439.3266 today.