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Affiliated Precast Concrete Companies

Smith-Midland Corp.
- Our parent company, Smith-Midland entered the marketplace in 1960. Since then, they have never deviated from their standards – innovation, quality and service.

Smith-Carolina Corp. - a sister manufacturing plant in North Carolina. Specializes in buildings, farm, highway and custom products.

 smith columbia partner
Smith-Columbia Corp. - a sister manufacturing plant in South Carolina. Specializes in Architectural, buildings, highway and custom products.

J-J Hooks - Traffic safety barrier with no pins, bolts, or loose hardware that meets and exceeds the NCHRP-350, Test Level 3 requirements

SlenderWall - Exterior cladding system that combines precast concrete, galvanized welded wire, stainless-steel anchors, and galvanized steel or stainless-steel studs.

Easi-Set Buildings - Provide durability, flexibility, convenience, cost-effectiveness and long lasting security. Installed in a day, require no foundation and are relocatable!

Beach Prisms - Permeable, precast concrete product that works by reducing the amount of energy in incoming waves before the waves reach the shoreline.

SoftSound - A proprietary composite that is molded and compressed creating a material that surpasses any other for sound absorption and durability.

Easi-Set Worldwide - a sister company, that licenses the manufacture and sale of proprietary precast products.


Affiliated Associations


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