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Concrete Barrier Wall Installation on Roadway Ryan Gorman, P.E., Sr. Project Manager
Corman Construction, Inc.

“We’ve been extremely pleased with J-J Hooks ... The ... barriers are not a male-female system like some of the others ... more versatility is built in which often allows less planning and less labor during traffic switches to ensure the barrier is configured correctly ... some of the other positive connection barrier systems bind up during placement and removal often causing damage to the wall - the J-J Hooks system seldom does.”

Concrete Highway Barriers Installation for Construction Zone Safety Joe Steven, Superintendent
Ajax Paving Company

“We’re extremely happy with road barriers that have the J-J Hooks connection. .. They are much quicker and easier to work with ... there is no reason for our guys to have their hands and fingers in the way since there is no loose hardware to put in place ... Overall, we’re very impressed with the way this project is going with the use of J-J Hooks road barriers.”

Traffic Barricades Ready for Delivery Don Stegemoller, Chief Estimator
Shappert Engineering Company

“... we installed over 26,000 linear feet of temporary barrier wall in 20’ sections ... in six shifts ... removal was simplified by not having to pull pins or shake walls loose.”

Jersey Barrier Installation on Roadway Paul Wiezorek, Superintendent
Lanzo Construction Company

“... with only a loader and a ground man to align sections, we were able to off-load and set 40 barrier units per hour. This is a very slick system... You have a winner with this design”

Rick Klunk, Estimator/Superintendent
Sunrise Safety Services, Inc.

Holabird Ave., Baltimore, MD project - "All of the employees I deal with at Concrete Safety Systems and Smith-Midland are top notch! Thanks George, Tim, Curtis and the rest of the crew.”

Doug Grossman, Sales Manager
Sonco Worldwide

DC/Smithsonian Folklife & Cultural Heritage Festival  - "Everything went very well with our order. We look forward to doing more work with you in the future.”

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