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The J-J Hooks connection consists of two identical J-shaped steel hooks connected to each other, internally, by means of three steel rebars welded to each J-Hook. This provides a continuous steel connection throughout the barrier installation. To attach the barrier ends, one barrier is lowered vertically next to an adjacent barrier. With minimal guidance, the self aligning connection automatically “hooks” into place. Workers don’t need to endanger their hands by having them in between barriers during the connection process.

Lost or stolen hardware issues are eliminated because of the integrated barrier connection. J-J Hooks barrier provide a continuous positive shear connection throughout the barrier system. As the J-J Hooks are identical, there are no left or right pieces, simplifying the installation process. Due to vertical lift, one barrier can be removed without disturbing adjacent barriers.

J-J Hooks Precast Concrete Barrier Connection System Diagram
J-J Hooks Barrier Connection Detail

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