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Double Restroom BuildingsEasi-Set and Easi-Span restrooms are available in a wide variety of options. Easi-Set restrooms come in the Blue Ridge model (single restroom), the Shenandoah model (single restroom with an outdoor screening wall), and the Sierra model (double restroom).

Easi-Set restrooms have a choice of three roof style options: sloped, gabled and the Outback featuring a cedar shake finish. Both plumbed and waterless options are available, as well as electrical lighting or skylight lighting options. You can also choose a non-electrical ventilation system called FAN (Fresh Air Naturally). These choices make restroom facilities in remote sites with no access to plumbing or electricity a reality.

Pitched Roof Restroom Building

Easi-Set and Easi-Span restrooms are available in a variety of finishes, styles and colors. You can use multiple finishes and colors in one building. Outback roof style with cedar shake finish on a Blue Ridge model Gabled