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Post-tension reinforcing is a method of construction used in the roof and floor of Easi-Set and Easi-Span precast buildings. Post-Tensioning is used to enable the floor and roof to achieve a level of water tightness superior to that of regular precast concrete and is installed around the perimeter of the slab inside the concrete. Plastic encapsulated cable is laid in the fresh concrete within 9” of display the typical post-tension layout in Easi-Set floors and roofs.

Post-Tensioning Cables
Easi-Span Post-TensioningPost-Tensioning Strand: 41K polystrand CP50, .50, 270 KSI, 7-wire strand, greased plastic sheath, (ASTM A416), roof and floor to be each post-tensioned by a single, continuous tendon. Said tendon shall form a substantially rectangular configuration having gently curving corners and a corner where the tendon members are anchored. Tendons shall be greased and enclosed within a sheath.