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Easi-Span Adjustable Concrete Building

  • A roof that spans the entire width with no internal supports, designed for 60 PSF live load.
  • Peak in roof running length of building featuring an architectural ribbed edge and turn-down that caps the walls to prevent water migration.
  • Exclusive post-tensioned keyway system between roof panels to guarantee a leakproof connection.
  • Exclusive expandability feature: The Easi-Span building, when specified as expandable, can have a removable rear wall and fascia with “dead-end” post-tensioning chucks that allow the building length to be expanded in the future and maintain the original integrity of the roof system.
  • Standard headroom of 9’’0”, although increased heights are optional. As with all of our buildings, the Easi-Span can have custom doors and hardware, custom cast openings, and any of our standard architectural finishes and colors.