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The Easi-Set buildings models have been manufactured by Smith-Midland Corporation for close to forty years. They are available in three standard sizes: Model 1012 (10’ x 12’), Model 1216 (12’ x 16’), and Model 1220 (12’ x 20’).

Fabricated as separate walls, roof, and floor panels, they feature the patented Easi-Set post-tensioning system in the roof and floor panels, a turn-down roof that caps the walls, and a stepdown floor

Easi-Set Model 1216 Easi-Set Model 1220

panel to eliminate the possibility of water migration into the building along the bottom of the wall panels.

Easi-Set Models are virtually maintenance-free and available with a wide variety of finishes and color options.

The building components can be cast with openings necessary for pipes, HVAC units, louvers, windows, etc.

Doors can be relocated and the door size can be changed to meet specific requirements.

Easi-Set Models are typically pre-assembled at our factory and delivered and off-loaded in one piece. They can be field assembled, with a precast concrete floor or onto a poured-in-place slab.