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Easi-Cast buildings are uniquely constructed with a single monolithic pour of all four walls and the roof slab. The monolithic form is capable of casting the standard 10’ x 12’, as well as the 12’ x 14’ building.

This unit is then erected on a separate floor slab, either precast or poured-in-place. By producing the building in this manner, we have totally eliminated the need for any type of additional sealant
between the walls and roof.

This design also allows the building to be shipped to the job without the floor and set in place over pre-existing generators, pump assemblies, valves, etc.
The patented post-tensioned roof and floor are a waterproof design with increased shear capacity.
The Easi-Cast comes with a sandblast texture or exposed aggregate ribbed finish (as shown), or a colored texture coating. Easi-Cast orders are limited to a minimum of five buildings.