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24'x20'x10' Well House, Terranova/Warrenton, VA

Rick Landis, Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority

“Thanks for the great service. The crew were very hard workers and did an excellant job. The sales staff was great to work with.”

Combat Training Facility, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Project Manager, Government Organization

“Our organization found Easi-Set buildings to be extremely adaptable and easy to install at our training facility. With over 35 units delivered and set, the Easi-Set buildings’ versatility of configuration provided us a realistic setting for training for our Troops in urban combat plus the stackability allows us to plan real-life combat scenarios.”

McAuliffe Elementary School, Prince William County Schools, Virginia

Jennifer Johnson

“Erwin and his crew did an excellent job installing the storage building. The communication between PWCS and Smith-Midland in the purchase, production and placement of this building was a very professional process.”

Electrical Building, Indian Head, MD

Matthew Beall, Freestate Electric Companies

“Very Smooth process from your company. Attentive and knowledgeable employees. Always willing and able to address questions and concerns.”

Fort Lee, VA, Storage Buildings

Richard Pomplun, Seaboard Millwork and Supply Company

“Great product, great service.”

Windsor Manor WWTP, Charles County, MD

Gary Speigle, Speigle & Son Company

“Job well done. Many thanks.”

WG Construction Company, Virginia

David Daniger

“The sales team was fantastic as well as the installation and punch out crews. Thank you for all the help!”

Smithsonian National Zoo – Easi-Set Cheetah Enclosures

Tom Cooper, Construction COTR, Conservation Research Center

“When we needed eight enclosures to house cheetahs at our research center, we chose Easi-Set buildings. The flexibility of the all concrete building allowed us to specify small openings for the cheetahs to enter and exit the building while accommodating large doors for our staff to feed the animals and clean the interior. The concrete floors resist any damage from the cheetah’s claws and allow for easy cleaning. The concrete walls were manufactured with a custom clap board exterior finish to blend with existing buildings.”

Valley Elementary School, Frederick County Public Schools, Maryland

Ryan Carter

“Smith-Midland is great to work with. Love the buildings.”

Ennis Electric Company, Inc.

Kim Hudson

“Thank you, to the Smith-Midland staff, for sharing the time to let us tour your facility. We appreciate your time and were thoroughly impressed!”

Town of Warrenton, Virginia

Patricia J. Know, Project Manager

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the quality of product Smith-Midland provided for the Precast Concrete Building, which houses the equipment for the Oliver City Pump Station in the Town of Warrenton, Virginia.

As this pump station is located in an established neighborhood, the Town was concerned that the building would not match the surrounding residential architecture. Your firm provided an excellent building design with a gabled roof which blends with the residential character of the community. Both the Town and the community members are pleased with the completed building."

Ungers Field Comfort Facility, Baltimore County

John F. Rigley, Sr., Project Manager, Macfarlane Construction

"We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to your firm for the excellent work involved to provide the Easi-Set Precast Concrete Building for the Ungers Field Comfort Facility in Baltimore County.

Your outstanding efforts to produce and deliver a quality product on time, combined with the efforts of all other subcontractors and suppliers allowed this project to be completed in a timely manner. It is a pleasure to work with a firm that takes pride in their work and understands our needs for a finished product.."

Liquid Servicing Shelter

R.K. Hudgens, Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Reserve

"We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest appreciation to you and your staff for their excellent coordination and work in providing an Easi-Set Precast Concrete Building for our Liquid Oxygen Servicing Shelter...

Too rarely are requests for assistance to complete a complicated task answered so quickly and so enthusiastically. Your company made time to go above and beyond job requirements and assisted our people in following through with the project completion. Believe me, your hard work and support in this project “did make a difference."

Telecommunications Shelters

Gregory A. Carter, Building Engineer, AT&T

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in the purchase of two 12' x 16' precast concrete buildings. Due to recent network expansion AT&T needed to place additional equipment at critical locations to satisfy customer requirements. My territory needed building expansion at Orange, VA and Calverton, VA and the due dates required quick delivery and short set-up time frames.

These buildings provide maximum security for our equipment and required minimum site preparation. They were delivered on time, set quickly and correctly, and within just a few hours the building was ready for our HVAC and electrical installations. Immediately following these trades we began installing our equipment.

All of our due dates were either met or bettered by using your buildings rather than conventional construction. We have used this technique also in West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania with the same excellent results."

Electrical Shelters, Union Bridge Modernization Project

Randy Newton, Manager of Construction Engineering, Kvaerner Process

"We have contracted Smith-Midland to design, fabricate, and install three Pre-Cast Concrete single story electrical buildings for Lehigh Portland Cement for the Union Bridge Modernization Project. When these 30’-0 wide buildings arrived on site it took less than one-week for each to be erected. These building ranged from 60’-0 to 100’-0 in length. The cost and time advantage over conventional masonry was exceptional. The Turnkey method provided the Project with a timely and cost effective solution to our Electrical Room building construction.

The fast track design/build solution place the first Electrical Room erected on site within twelve weeks after placement of order."

Remote Location Control Structure, Lincoln Township Water Distribution System

Clem Ferri, Sr., President of Ferri Contracting Co.

"... The pre-engineered, pre-assembled building helped save us time and money at the job site. The pre-located openings were correct and made installation of the piping and equipment simple ... This is the second building we’ve purchased from your company and we look forward to working with you in the future."

Arthur Gusbar, Jr, Gusbar and Associates, Inc.

"... we are extremely satisfied with the recent purchase of your precast concrete structure.

It adapted very well to our situation, in that the location was very remote, your delivery was accomplished in a timely manner, and the structure was well appointed regarding required opening in the walls and floor, as well as the finish of the structure, both interior and exterior."

Transmitter Building, New Radio Station

Steve Buchanan, WPRZ Praise Communications

"I want to thank you for all your help with the 10 X 12 buliding we purchased from Smith Midland that will be used to house our new transmitter for our new radio station at 88.1. Everyone at Smith Midland was very helpful with the whole process.

I especially want to commend Mark and his crew for the excellent job they did constructing it in the field. Mark is a wonder person to work with. It was not an easy job!! The professionalism they displayed in all phases of the job was unparalled. I would never hesitate to recommend Smith Midland for any job!! Thanks again for a job well done and for making my job easier."