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Precast Concrete Stone Wall

Parkway Stonewall Concrete Fences

They said that a precast concrete wall could never be made to look like real stone. Well, we proved them wrong! Until close enough to touch the precast concrete Parkway Stone Wall, even an expert couldn't tell the difference between it and real stone. Can you?

Smith-Midland's precast concrete Parkway Stone Wall is used for highway and roadside applications; it is crash-tested to ensure safety. It is also used as a retaining wall and for purely aesthetic purposes such as terrace walls, park and estate entrances, property lines and more. You can use it wherever you want a high quality stone wall but do not want to pay the high cost of real stone.

Parkway Concrete Stone Barriers are available with a foundation and variable heights. Whatever your need, let us know how this wall can be used on your next project. Contact us to discuss your plans or to receive additional information.

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