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J-J Hooks Concrete Traffic Barrier

Concrete Planters For High Profile, High Security Sites

Planters, Planter Guard Walls, and Guard Walls

Smith-Midland offers its precast planters and guard walls in a variety of finishes, with colored architectural precast concrete stone, brick or granite for high profile, high security, landmark sites. Planter guard walls and guard walls are available with and without the J-J Hooks connection system. To learn more about the J-J Hooks connection visit Below is a sampling of finishes available.

Planter Brick FinishPlanter FinishPlanter Stone FinishPlanter Finish

Finishes from left to right: Architectural Precast Concrete Brick, Flame Cut Black
Concrete Granite, Pentagon Concrete Granite, Flame Cut Pink Concrete Granite


Elegant Planters with J-J Hooks Security and Functionality in Mind.

Continuous steel connection and durable precast concrete provide the best protection available.

Vandal Protection

  • The first precast concrete planter available in America using the J-J Hooks connection system.
  • No loss of structural integrity or security breach due to lost or stolen hardware.
  • Identical ends allow you to turn the planters end for end.

Easy Emergency Access

  • One J-J Hooks planter can be removed without disturbing adjacent barriers.
  • The self-aligning planters are easy to re-install.


Left: Planter Style #1, Shown with B.W. Parkway Precast Concrete Stone Finish
Height: 2'-8" or 2'-3", Length: 10'-0", Width: 2'-0" (2'-2" at Cap)

Right: Planter Style #2, With Solid Concrete Granite Cap (where maintenance of landscaping
is not practical)
Concrete Stone Finish Shown with B.W. Parkway Precast
Height: 2'-8" or 2'-3", Length: 10'-0", Width: 2'-0" (2'-2" at Cap)

Precast Concrete Planters

Available in a variety of styles, sizes, finishes, and colors.

Precast Concrete Planters

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