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David G. Smith, Founder of Smith-Cattleguard Company
David G. Smith
Founder of Smith-Cattleguard Co.

Smith-Midland Corporation (DE) entered the marketplace in 1960 as the Smith-Cattleguard Company. The company’s formation was based around its original innovation, the Smith-Cattleguard, the first precast concrete cattleguard produced. From the beginning the company provided innovative, high quality precast concrete products backed by superior service. Although the name has changed and the products offered have increased substantially, Smith-Midland has never deviated from the standards on which their success was built - innovation, quality and service.

Tongue and Groove precast concrete highway barrier
Tongue and Groove Highway Barrier

Smith-Midland’s active research and development team leads the precast industry in creating new patented products and customizing existing products. SMC’s most significant innovations are:

Smithcattleguard Company, precursor to Smith-Midland Corporation
Smith-Cattleguard Co. in 1970

Smith-Midland has revolutionized the standards and efficiency of the industries their products serve. The Company’s precast concrete products have become the industry standard after their introduction. A few of these products are traffic barriers, soundwalls, farm products, and utility products. Previously the concrete products counterparts were composed of inferior materials, such as wood and metal. Precast concrete offers benefits not possible with traditional building materials, allowing them to replace older methods.

Over the years, Smith-Midland Corporation (DE) has made a practice of diversification and expansion, leading the Company to high profitability, as well as a resistance to recessions. Diversification and expansion is practiced through the types of products offered, the markets catered to, where the products are offered geographically, and business models. When one market/region/model is suffering, the Company can rely on other avenues to carry through the hard times.

In 1977, a second manufacturing facility, Smith-Carolina™ Corporation, was established in order to expand the geographic reach and diversification of Smith-Midland (DE). The additional plant was located in Reidsville, North Carolina.

Architectural Precast Concrete
Architectural Precast Concrete
Panels for Virginia Tech

Concrete Safety Systems is an example of a diversified business model. CSS was formed in 1977, in order to rent the highly successful product, J-J Hooks traffic barrier.

Recognizing need for product diversification throughout the precast industry, in 1978 Easi-Set industries was formed to concentrate and expand the licensing activities. The goal was to offer the market new innovative precast products coupled with a new licensing approach, previously unavailable to the precast industry.

I-66 Highways for LIFE Roadway
I-66 Highways for LIFE Roadway
Pre-stressed concrete slabs

Smith-Midland Corporation (DE) further expanded its reach and diversity through the creation of Ad Design in 1980. Later renamed Ad Ventures, the advertising agency was created to aid Easi-Set’s network of licensed producers with co-op advertising programs as well as other Smith-Midland (DE) companies.

In 1995, Smith-Midland went public, creating the holding company, Smith-Midland Corporation (DE) incorporated in Delaware.

In 2016 Smith-Midland expanded again, adding a third precast plant in South Carolina, Smith-Columbia.

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