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Beach Erosion Solutions By Beach Prisms

Beach Prisms

Coastal erosion protection products by Beach Prisms have served as a cost-effective solution for shoreline erosion prevention for over 30 years. With more than 20 locations along the Chesapeake Bay, its tributary rivers and most recently in New Jersey, shoreline erosion has either been delayed, halted or completely reversed by our precast concrete structures.

Proven Beach Erosion Solutions

What makes Beach Prisms such an outstanding option when it comes to coastal erosion protection? The open and slotted design allows water to flow through the precast concrete structures, which dissipates wave energy. This allows the sand in the wave to accumulate while reducing its impact on the shoreline. Ultimately, sand is replenished both in front of and behind our shoreline erosion structures. It is designed for river and bay front properties.

Known as a “soft approach”, our structure design allows for natural movement of water. This is ideal for plant and animal life to thrive. Other coastal erosion prevention applications, such as stone breakwaters and seawalls, are more disruptive to the existing shoreline and the organisms that inhabit it. Bottom line, our beach erosion solutions give mother nature a chance to regrow vegetation and regenerate a living shoreline complex.

Our notable shoreline erosion control methods, such as the project at Ingram Bay, often reclaim lost shoreline by accumulating sand in front of and behind the Prisms. Beach erosion results vary from site to site for a number of reasons; tides, prevailing winds, fetch and availability of sand in waves are the biggest factors that can alter erosion control methods.

Size Matters For Shoreline Erosion Prevention

Measuring at 4’ x 10’ with larger dimensions available, these shoreline erosion control blocks include a triangular slotted design. This design concept provides the stability and durability to withstand powerful storms and floods for lasting coastal erosion protection. This permeable precast product reduces wave energy before it even reaches the shoreline, therefore limiting or eliminating any chance of shoreline erosion.

Take Control Of Shoreline Erosion

Our precast concrete beach erosion solutions are indeed proven but they require permits prior to installation. Such permits are issued by state and federal agencies, such as the Department of Natural Resources and the Army Corps of Engineers.

For over 30 years, we’ve excelled as other erosion control companies have yet to match our level of product excellence. Contact your local precast concrete producer or Beach Prisms directly to receive descriptive literature, technical advice and to schedule a visit for shoreline evaluation. Our coastal erosion protection solutions are time tested.

Product Licensing

Manufacturing and sale opportunities for Smith-Midland developed products are available through Easi-Set Industries. Click here to learn more about product licenses with Easi-Set.

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